Exciting Family-Friendly safari in Tanzania.

Take a walk on the wild side with your Kids

This is  Family-friendly safari Tanzania, just imagine you spot pride of Lions rests on the branches of acacia trees at Lake Manyara’s natural habitat with you lovely Kids.

I think it is amazing to glimpse a herd of African elephants stride at a close distance from your Vehicle, just picture out your at the middle scene where mother cheetah gambol with her cubs.

Or listen to the roaring of African Lion meandering along African jungle at Night, a family African safari holidays is a magical experience which you can’t dare your Kids to miss out easily.

Your Perfect Safari with Kids‎ Holidays Package Awaiting.

All-inclusive family safari Holiday in Africa.

This year let's give your children the best gift ever, that is Safari with kids in Africa especially go to the wild safari of Tanzania. The unforgettable experience which will bring your  Family to the most wildlife concentrated area of Africa.

At the savannah plain of Serengeti, this family safari will let you glance the pride of lions on their prowling around the plan for their Meal, Herbs of elephants grazing green grasses of Tarangire Park.

Your Kids' eyes will witness Giraffes gorging on high branches of Lake Manyara’s Rift Valleys forest, Black Rhinos of Ngorongoro Crater are munching on low-level shrubs at the floor of the Caldera.

This safari with kids experience will let your Children earn a wonderful memory which will never be erased for the rest of their lives.

We understand  Safari with kids is unique from  the ordinary safaris.Based on that  special needs, we’ve initiated ideally itinerary  which will include special Kids Activities ,and child-friendly accommodation. 

Find Adventure in African wildlife Safari at an All-Inclusive Family Vacation Package.

Proudly Outlook African Vacations since 2018.

Make memories with the entire family when you book this special offer for all-inclusive family fun on the “ Endless Plan” of Serengeti Park.Get life time experience in this unforgettable

Why Tanzania for your Family Holiday?

Family-Friendly Safari Tanzania


Tanzaniatanzania_destinations is among a few destinations where you can combine wild safari and Beach holiday in a single vacation!

 White-sands and Clean beaches of Zanzibar’s Spices Island are enough reasons to recommend you to visit  Zanzibar at your African holiday safari with your Kids trip. Most of Zanzibar's hotels offer swimming pools facilities which are safer for Kids and ample playing grounds for their amusement.

The South of Tanzania

Mikumi  National Park, the fourth largest  National park in the country, Selous which is four times bigger than Serengeti and Ruaha Park are Destinations that can offer your kids a really diverse safari experience. Boating and Walking Safaris are family adventure activities that will be enjoyed by your Kids.

The North of Tanzania 

The Lake Manyara, The Serengeti, The Tarangire Park, and Ngorongoro Crater -Offer your kids a complete beautiful African wildlife Safari experience. Being in the middle of the Great Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti park is an amazing experience which no one of your Kid will forget within a short while!.

Ngorongoro Highlands are Lands for Masai people, these are the best  Destinations if you want to introduce your Kids to Masai Culture.

We really can’t think of any reason not to opt for  Tanzania as the destination for your family holiday!  

Zanzibar Beaches Holiday

Ruaha Park

Where are Going to Stay with a Family -African Family Safari.

The child-friendly safari Tanzania.

Our special Family-friendly accommodation will make your Safari with Kids to be more relaxed and safer. 

Most of the Lodges which we are working with have swimming pools, private verandas and community lounges that make socialization with your kids possible and also stare wistfully at the night’s sky. 

Some safari camps and lodges are having family suites where rooms or tents are Interconnected, with the master cube for mom and dad, and others for kids. This arrangement allows the movement between the rooms/ tents without a need of stepping outside.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Sasakwa in the Northern Serengeti and at Lake Manze at Selous in the South are some of the Child-friendly Lodges. 

At Zanzibar, Zuri Zanzibar and The Residence is the best place to stay with your kids during your Beach Holidays.


When to visit Tanzania

The cooler, dry season (June through September) is best for family holidays in Africa, especially in Tanzania. During this time, on-road transport is easy, animals reachable easily and few Mosquitoes. However, don't forget to take prophylaxis vaccination. 

Important Note:

  • To seek Advice from your medical Physician regarding Vaccination for your Kids. Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory to everybody aged two years up.
  • Make sure to Pack more Long-sleeved shirts, socks, and long trousers in order to stay away from mosquito-bites, also come and use   Mosquito repellent at every Dawn and Dusk
  • Sunscreen Oil/Lotion  and Hats are necessity especial when you visit Tanzania  during dry seasons
  • Never take street foods to your Kids to keep them away from all stomach complications.
  • Make sure you buy all Kids necessities at Arusha, Moshi or Dar es salaam town before the trip start.
  • Child car seats are mostly available on advanced arrangements
  • Read all Lodges and camps policies in regarding Kids staying before the board on
  • For those Lodges and camps which are unfenced make sure you always be closer to your kids as in some occasions wild animals trespassing around.
  • You should never allow your children to walk alone around the camp, even for short distances.


Safari Styles

Safari Deals

Join this Exclusive African Safari to discover the Greatest Wildlife Destinations of Tanzania.

The Best safari in Africa package, which takes you and your Kid on an unforgettable African wilderness safaris experience.

The perfect relaxing holiday combining a safari in Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar Beaches. Enjoy 8 big days in the wilderness of Africa and finish up relaxed on beaches of Zanzibar.

Be among those who have summited Africa's iconic highest mountain of Kilimanjaro.

Nestled in the clear, sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, the exotic island of Zanzibar is the jewel in the crown of Eastern Africa.

Experience the best of Tanzania's Northern Circuit safari and have amazine vacation at Zanzibar beaches with your Lovely One.

Fantastic value safari & beach combination in Tanzania Destinations. Enjoy Big 10 Days of combination between Wildlife safari and Zanzibar's beach time.

Reach to the top of African's iconic Mountain of Kilimanjaro.

Get exposed to African Culture and their People in this Wounderful Northern Tanzania Safari.

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