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The Zanzibar archipelago,  the most historical Indian ocean island, is covered with a tropical atmosphere, intrigue, and perfect beach experiences. The Destination is characterized by being the birthplace of Swahili Language, Sultan of Zanzibar’s Palace and famous for Spice plantations in the continental.


The Zanzibar Island if rich in fabulous beaches that offers many tour activities like watersports to laying down enjoying sun rays while watching the white dhow sails cruising cross blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Whether it is for a Zanzibar holiday, honeymoon or After wild safari relaxation; choose either the blissful privacy of a private island or the public hotel; and whichever activities your preferred, Zanzibar has all good options for yours.

The best beaches at  Zanzibar Holidays .

It is a Seaweed Free Beach with pure Beachy gold sands. Less busy than the north.

The Romantic Beach of Pongwe.

This is a beautiful sandy beach which is a bit far away from stone town. This beach isolated from all rushing and hustling of commercial beaches, Pongwe is a cool beach that will let you have enough space for your own. For those who are seeking for Privacy and Intimacy or Honeymoon dates, this is the place. If you go Alone you will feel lonely as majority  of your fellows are either Couples or Romantic Honeymooners.

Pongwe beach has a few Bars and Restaurants around which will force you to depend on hotel meals only.

How to  Get at PONGWE BEACH

Pongwe Beach is about 56 km from  Stone Town. To reach the beach will arrange transport for you.

You may  either Board on Daladala ( which  is not available regulaly or the best option is to  hire a Taxi from Town.The approximate distance from Stone Town to Pongwe is 56km. You can board a dala dala, but note that this route does not operate on a daily basis. You may be better off hiring a taxi.

Nungwi Beaches .

The Really beautiful and classic Indian Ocean paradise. Turquoise waters with really powdery white sands non tidal Island .

Nungwi Beach is the most  Pretty and well-known beach in Zanzibar, nominated by  CNN as one of the Best Beaches in the year 2018.

Nungwi is among the largest village in Northern Unguja, In the village, you can walk around buying some fruits, Painting, and souvenirs from shops around.

At Nungwi  you can choose either to  stay closer to the Main Beach or opt to  stay away to Ras Nungwi where you will enjoy isolation and have a romantic surrounding for you and your Lover


Very tidal Beach with many luxury boutique hotels. The beach is beautiful,though the water is much far away from the seashore.

Paje and Dongwe beach .very  lively beach, you must be there for your memorable beach vacation. The beach has many bars and restaurants for you, some hotels offer 24 hours services for their guests.

If you’re looking for Kitesurfing and other watersports the great place to be especially between December and February.

Accessing Paje.

Page Beach is about 60km from Stone town can be reached by either Daladala or Taxi. We are going to  arrange Transport for you

Matemwe is slightly tidal

The North-East of Zanzibar  There is Matemwe beach, a beautiful place with very fine white sands that remain at its natural state.

During low time season, seawater goes far away from the seashore end, upturns a Beach into a Desert full of Coral flats. At this time Swimming is impossible so it is a good idea to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool.

If your a fan of Diving, Matemwe village is a great starting point to the archipelago’s best reefs – Mnemba island, which is less than a mile offshore.

Getting to Matemwe Beach From Stone Town.

From stone  Town, Matemwe is approximately 50 km / 30 miles northeast you can reach there using either  Daladala or Hire Taxi.

Things to do at your Holiday in Zanzibar.

Take part in some watersports

Snorkelling trips,Sunset cruises Dive expeditions, are some of watersports which will let your have beautiful experience on Zanzibar. Many of Lodges and Resorts have their own Water Sports centers , others may not have them so lets us know what is your interested sport then will arrange for you

Spot and swim with dolphins.

Whenever your at t these Beautiful Tropical Islands ,never Miss Dolphin safari. This activity is going to offers you lifetime experience that you will never get anywhere else,get to spot The magic sea Animals at their natural dwell and if you have a bit of Lucky you can swim with them! All happens at Kizimkazi Seashore Village .

Stone Town Tours.

The headquarter sultan,was the biggest outlet for Slave and Ivory collected from other parts of East Africa this is Stone Town of Zanzibar. For many Centuries Arabs and European used the town as their Stopover Ports..Don't miss the opportunity to explore a huge east african History highlighted at Stone Town

Spice Tours.

Everyone at a point in time have used Cloves,Nutmeg,Cinnamon,Ginger or Pepper as either Spices of Herb. However few of us knows how these Species are grown,this is your chance to savvy their ABCs . Zanzibar was known for growing Cloves and other Spices since Nineteen century.The tropical climate and Fertile soil in the western regions made these spices to flourish very well compared to other places .These Plantations are still operating to date,Just visit them for your educational experiences

See the monkeys of Jozani Forest

Jozani Forest provides a beautiful home for the Endangered Red Colobus Monkey in the world. Since the 1960s, Jozani Forest was declared as a natural reserve, since then the conservation effort yielded much success to Animals as well as local communities living around the forest. The Jozani Forest’s Excursions last for around three hours which can be combined with other Activities such as a Spice tour or town tour at the same day.

Visit Prison Island

This small isolated island lies just a bit away from the coast. Before 1860 the land was Uninhabited till this year when the Sultan of Zanzibar gave to his two Arabians Friends who used as a Prison to their Slaves prior to shipping abroad . Later British Government built the prison but never used as intended. In 1919, Seychelles’s British Governor sent four giant tortoises as Gift to his fellow Governor to Zanzibar and they were kept on the prison. Daily boat transfers leave Stone Town to the Island which makes the trip very ease ..

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Zanzibar Hotels | Where to stay in Zanzibar

When it comes to  Accommodation, Zanzibar Islands has a wide range of choices that rely on your pocket . Below are some of Accommodations which we have vetted for you.

Budget Hotels in Zanzibar

  • Pongwe Beach Hotel
  • Sunshine Hotel
  • Breezes

Mid-range Hotels n Zanzibar

  • Palms
  • Zuri
  • Matemwe

Luxury hotels in Zanzibar

  • Xanadu
  • Kilindi
  • Zawadi
  • Baraza.
  • White Sands
  • Dream of Zanzibar

Zanzibar Africa weather

November: Short rains seasons.

December - February: Dry time. Which is a good time to go.

March: The weather is not such a good at this time, however, most of the Hotels are offering discounted rates at this time.

April - May: Heavy rain season we are not an advisable period to travel during these months.

Learn From Others

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Amin Shah & Stephen Sobin

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Safari Deals

The Best safari in Africa package, which takes you and your Kid on an unforgettable African wilderness safaris experience.

The perfect relaxing holiday combining a safari in Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar Beaches. Enjoy 8 big days in the wilderness of Africa and finish up relaxed on beaches of Zanzibar.

Safari Deals

Join this Exclusive African Safari to discover the Greatest Wildlife Destinations of Tanzania.

The Best safari in Africa package, which takes you and your Kid on an unforgettable African wilderness safaris experience.

The perfect relaxing holiday combining a safari in Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar Beaches. Enjoy 8 big days in the wilderness of Africa and finish up relaxed on beaches of Zanzibar.

Be among those who have summited Africa's iconic highest mountain of Kilimanjaro.

Nestled in the clear, sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, the exotic island of Zanzibar is the jewel in the crown of Eastern Africa.

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